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On September 5, 2018, an Islamic State suicide bomber burst into the Maiwand Wrestling Club in Kabul, Afghanistan killing more than 35 (some very) young wrestlers and members of the coaching staff. The gym left entirely unturned. These were individuals who, unlike the suicide bomber, sought peaceful means, specifically wrestling, to change their lives and improve others.
Such cowardly acts are not just an attack on the people of Afghanistan but on humanity and hope. That’s why we are seeking your help to make sure the dreams of those killed in this horrible act, and those that want to continue in their path, continue.
Hoomanities, in conjunction with Azad Brand, has committed to rebuild the Maiwand Wrestling Club. We plan to build a facility that is stronger and better.
Any size donation would be appreciated. Funds collected will be used to restore the gym and provide supplies such as wrestling mats, wall mats, equipment and gear. Additionally, the funds will be used to pay for residual medical bills and donations to the families affected by those killed, as many of the athletes were supporting their families. Those families are heavily affected.

Share the vision. Help us Rebuild.


Who is Hooman Tavakolian?

Hooman Tavakolian’s interview with Voice of America. Winter 2017.