Mission & Vision


To encourage global community, to empower adolescent youth around the world and to reinstate hope in humanity through sports. Increase public awareness and invest in our children, the future.


Empowering youth is a powerful tool. Providing guidance and direction to adolescent youth around the world, who may be at risk due to economic, social and political issues, can change their destiny and create a positive path for the future. Sports is a unique vehicle, it builds awareness, breaks barriers and has a universal language. Athletes have potential to push the limit and achieve great things in the competition arena, and outside of the arena. They can provide positive influence for others and deter youth from being distracted or misguided, which at times may lead to prison and attraction to socially dangerous groups, such as gangs, terrorism and crime.
Hoomanities is a non-for-profit organization founded by hope in humanity. Our founders wanted to create an organization that brings youth together, inspires and empowers them to focus on a common goal: a better and brighter future through sports and development. This mission can not be achieved alone. Common goal is to make an impact Together, providing a personal touch, people to people interaction and outreach, and less institutionalized. We hope to get support from corporations who share our vision, and provide the basic necessities to youth around the world to get them in the training room rather than on the streets looking for trouble.
With the help of our founders and their networks, and athletes who share the vision, we will break down barriers and provide hope to the youth where they believe there is no such thing as a brighter future. We hope to make a difference. We hope to tackle issues related to gender equality in sports and focus on easing misconceptions related to this area.
By reaching out to corporations and individuals, we hope to inspire and educate them on the power of sports and how it can bring change for years to come. We hope to inspire all involved to make a difference, one athlete at a time.